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Every story is unique, here at Regency Studios we believe in getting to know yours and to help you document the most important days of your life. We hope to witness memories of love through our lens, to capture and to seal enchanted moments in frames. As you celebrate your big day with loved ones, we will help you capture every precious moment while incorporating portraiture, landscape and still life all together 

At Regency Studios, we are fortunate to love our craft. Our collections allow you to have beautiful photographs + keepsakes at reasonable prices. We can also create a custom collection to fit your needs.

We love to travel too!  If you are planning your event outside of the tri-state area, or even outside of the U.S, we have destination wedding photography packages available as well. Just ask us about it!

914.235.8810 / 720.655.1163

Regency Studios

1309 North Ave New Rochelle NY 10804