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Cinematography is art. It blends shooting creativity with storytelling.  Yes, we want you to be able to remember the day, but if we are being honest, our only mission is to make a piece of art for you.

Our films are handcrafted for each couple, and we know just how important all the memories of the wedding day are to all of our clients. With each and every film we create, intimate focus is placed on both the aesthetics and the story, the big moments and the small ones so that you are left with a work of art that is inspiring to watch event twenty-five years from now.

The beginning of each event starts as a blank canvas, and then is slowly filled with all sorts of moments. When we shoot cinematically, we capture a moment and then move around to get other interesting and creative angles. While moving around, cinematographers are not capturing the entire event but capturing entire moments. All of those moments we captured are then interwoven with meaningful soundbites into a seamless storyline of your day – a visual masterpiece of moving imagery.

We are available to travel around the world as your wedding videographer! If you are having a destination event, just ask!


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